The UN Sustainable Development Goals

January 1st, 2016, the United Nations established 17 global goals to get a more sustainable future. These are “The UN sustainable development goals”, and the goal is to reach them all by 2030. They concern several challenges that the world is facing, like poverty, environmental issues, and economic issues.Image result for the un sustainable development goals

The first goal for a more sustainable future is “No poverty”. I think this is one of the most important goals to reach, since poverty is a huge concern for a big part of the world. A definition of the word poverty is “condition where people’s basic needs for food, clothing, and shelter are not being met,” and therefore we can easily understand why this is such an important goal.783 million people also live in extreme poverty, which means they live with under 1.90$ a day.

Reducing or extinguishing poverty all over the world will make life a lot better and easier for not only the ones who lives in poor countries or cities and deal with these problems on a daily basis themselves, but it will affect people everywhere. It is probably one of the hardest goals to reach, but I believe it is the one we should work hardest to realize. Some of the things they cannot access are crucial for people to survive and be able to live healthy lives worth living. Many people struggle every day to make enough money to afford food and other necessities for themselves and their family, and I think it is only fair that we, who live in the wealthier parts of the world, help the ones in need.

To accomplish this goal, we have to reach some other goals as well. I think the goals that are most connected to this one, is goal number 2. No hunger, and goal number 4. Quality Education. If we become more willing and make it easier to share all the food that is being produced around the world, we can feed everyone on planet earth, which will be a big step to reducing poverty, because then no one will be in need of food and not be able to access some. This is also very positive to reduce global warming and the climate changes, since it will minimize the amount of food we throw away. Education or at least the possibility to study and get an education is also important since it will help many people get jobs and work to earn their own money and be more independent. This will improve the economic situation for many people, and is therefore also crucial to make these goals a reality.




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