International day

Every year the students at Fagerlia get the opportunity to be a part of a project called Operation Day’s work. On this day, we can work either at our normal job, in a different company or simply just at home. The point is that we are supposed to earn a certain amount of money and donate it to someone who needs it more that we do. This year, the money goes to youths in Palestine, and some kind of trauma treatment for them, that will make it easier for them to live “normal lives” after having experienced such horrible and traumatising things.

Before the Operation Day’s work day, there is another day called the International day. This year we had something called a human library. Each of the rooms in the school had someone, who was there to help us get better insight in who we were sending money to, and the situation of these people’s lives. Most of them were or have been refugees, and they all got some time to tell us their story, and how they ended up here. I chose to visit a 38 years old man who came to Norway as a refugee from Syria. He is now a teacher, and translator here in Norway. A 20 years old woman who fled from Palestine, who after waiting for eight years in Norway finally got a citizenship, that made it possible for her to get an education and work her. I also visited two younger boys who also came from Syria, and they are actually attending school at fagerlia now.

Hearing these kinds of stories from people who live in the same city as me, and even goes to the same school as I do, really made it easier for me to imagine how it must be to live in a country where war is all around you, you see places you used to like get bombed and destroyed, people you knew or maybe even loved get tortured or killed. Of course, it is impossible for us to know how it must be to live in a situation like this, but the least we can do is listen to their stories, try to imagine, and last but not least, try to help instead of just pretending it isn’t a reality for other people.

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